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In 2007, a group of men and women from different agencies of Police and Fire Departments in New Mexico came together to form a Highland Bagpipe and Drum Band. The band has members of all areas of public safety that include police, fire and EMS. Until that time, there had never been a pipe and drum band in New Mexico for public safety. The band conducts practices twice a month, working on rudimentary skills and providing musical direction for the band.


The New Mexico Fire and Police Pipes and Drums have traveled throughout  the  State of New Mexico as well as the United States for memorials, various funeral services, and other events. Most members of the band are also on Honor Guards with their respective agencies and have a vast knowledge of drill and ceremony, thus making the New Mexico Fire and Police Pipes and Drums Band one of a kind.


It is because of the generosity of those around us that we have become a formidable Pipe and Drum organization and in order to keep growing as we have, we need this support to continue. To those of you who have helped our cause, we thank you for your generosity. The NMFPPD is always looking to add members if you would like to join something to make a difference let us know.






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James Lamb            Pipe Major

Brannon Porch        Piper                

Chris McCord         Piper

Ron Fernadez         Piper

Dan Mason             Piper


Emily Santora 

Zack Christopher 

Mike Walsh            Recruit

Anthony Curry       Recruit


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